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Three Devils Gideon


In Loving Memory 

Three Devils Gideon

(Elkhorns High Sage NAIII UTII X  VC Three Devils Chukar NAII UTI)


NAVHDA UPT 165 Prize 3


Weight: 62


Coat: liver roan and ticked

medium harsh/medium dense/ sorta softer than is ideal...

Bite and eyes: normal

We picked out Gideon from Three Devils Kennel's G litter. Dad always said Gid was our smartest dog he called him "the brain" He was phenomenal at figuring out public land roosters and stopping them from running. He was a sensational waterfowl dog and outshined many chessies and labs in his day. At two years old we found out that Gid had bad hips. We had him fixed and dad never wanted to finish him for his Utility test. 

While working at Miller Kennels in Utah my boss roger miller purchased Three Devils Gustov "Gus" who we trained and eventually took to the invitational. 

Chris Batia must have owned or co-owned him at one time I dont recall. But that dog did a couple nice breedings and we may someday breed back to that frozen semen. 

Gid's sire Chukar was a very nice stud who produced some good dogs. His mother sage was a  liver dog and a monster in the upland fields. Sage produced another dog salty and had several very talented progeny that all lived to a very old age.  Chukar's sire was Cascade steamer a famous and heavily used foundational dog in many horseback field trial lines today. 

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