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               Thank you for Inquiring with us about your next hunting companion. Our planned breedings for this year are listed below. If you are interested please fill out an application below.


              We take the performance of our dogs very seriously and all our litters will come from serious hunting dogs that are proven in testing and have proven themselves as superior hunting dogs. If you are a serious hunter and put performance at the top of your priority, then we are the German Wirehaired Pointer Breeder for you! The process to getting a Puppy from us has a few steps. We have these steps in place to ensure that our dogs are going to the best situations possible.


 We look forward to hearing from you!

Dominic & Jill Bachman

Puppy Pricing for 2023 is $2100.00 usd

HATTIE/DUKE- "?" Litter

Planned Litter January 2024

BLUE/ROWDY- "?" Litter

Planned Litter Spring 2024

LOU/KING- "?" Litter

Planned Litter January 2024

CARP/SILEAUX - "?" Litter

Planned Litter Spring 2025

Planned Litter Spring 2024

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