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Bachman Bay IZEE

Call Name "Puzzle"

(Bachman Bay Bluebill Banger NA 112/I UT 194 II  X NFC FC/AFC Wired West True Grit NA 112/I UT 192/I )

NAVHDA NA 112 Prize 1 @ 4 months

NAVHDA UT  Spring 2022



DOB: 4/25/2020

Coat: liver ticked, medium harsh/medium dense 

Bite and eyes: normal 

Hips: TBD

Thyroid: TBD

Furnishings: Ff

Von Willebrand’s: Clear

Exercise Induced Collapse: Clear



About Puzzle:

Puzzle had a strong first hunting season. She pinned down a small covey of huns at just 4 months old while we were hunting in Montana. She got her first point on a wild rooster and California quail on opening day in Oregon and made several nice chukar covey points. Puzzle spent the last few months of her first fall busting ice hunting waterfowl in the Klamath Basin where she retrieved over 50 ducks and geese. We were very impressed with her retrieving drive. Puzzle has a lot of pointing instinct and is a natural at knowing when the bird has moved on. She has consistently shown a lot of skill in relocating birds. She received a maximum score of  112/112 in her NAVHDA Natural Ability test at just under 4 months old with a novice handler. During the field portion of her test she was running bigger than all the other much older dogs. We are very excited to see how she breaks out and we are really looking forward to seeing how she does on wild birds this fall as a broke dog. Her sire Duke was the runner up at the Amateur national championship and won the Open National championship and received the coveted NFC title in 2019. Like her sire Puzzle has a long body and a strong muscular build and sweet friendly temperament. Puzzle’s dam Blue comes from the very successful Three Devils stud “Luke” Lager Den Drei Teufeln crossed with a gritty Blue Collar dam. Blue has been a very solid producer in her litters with an average score of  110.9/112 for 9 pups tested so far. 

Puzzle wont make the breeding team until she completes her NAVHDA Utility Hunt Test and shows she can handle wild birds as a finished dog. 

NAVHDA Breeder Awards
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