Bachman Bay Sonoita Magnus


Bachman Bay's Sonoita Magnus

(Blue Collar Cheyenne  NAI UT II X Bone Point's Magnus NA I UT I )


NAVHDA UT  Not Yet completed


Weight: 58

DOB: 3/15/2016

Coat: Liver Roan Ticked, Medium Dense/Medium Harsh

Bite and eyes: normal 

Hips: TBD

Thyroid: TBD

Furnishings: Ff

Von Willebrand’s:TBD

Exercise Induced Collapse:TBD



Owned by Ron Izzo of Sonoita, AZ. 

Max came from a litter of pups that all received a maximum score Natural Ability 112 Prize.

Max has been a solid performer on mearns quail and scaled quail as well as being a horseback hunting dog and guide dog. Max has a big motor and a lot of natural point 

Max is entered to run his Utilty test in 2021. 

Max in the water!

Bachman Bay Kennels

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