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After she was shot in an accident we took her out of the breeding team and gave her to Amanda Ponti as a hunting dog 


Bone Points Finnan 
(Bone point’s Magnus NA1 UTI X Bone Point’s Kadence NAI, UTII)
Weight: 46 
DOB: 5/25/18
Coat: black roan dense/harsh
Bite and eyes: normal 
Hips: Pennhip Rt. 27 Lf .27 
Thyroid: OFA normal 
Furnishings: Ff 
Von Willebrand’s: Clear 
Exercise Induced Collapse: Clear

Finn has been an incredible bird dog, natural backer, natural retriever. I would call her the “workin” man’s dream dog. She has required very little training and has quickly become one of our go-to dogs for guiding new hunters. Finn will hunt for any handler and we can easily loan her out to anyone and she hunts and listens the same as she does with us. She has a fantastic dense and harsh coat. She has big paws and is the fastest swimmer we have. Finn really excels at finding singles and has a knack for finding buried singles that other dogs have passed. Finn is a medium range gundog who has a great nose that is rarely wrong. She has a very muscular build for her small frame and easily handles even the largest of Canada geese on dry ground. Finn’s biggest weakness as a western bird dog is she doesn’t run as big as some of our dogs and due to her heavy black coat she requires us to carry more drinking water in the early season.

NAVHDA Breeder Awards
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