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Bachman Bay's Aythya


Bachman bay’s aythya 

(Blue collar Cheyenne NAI UTII X Bone point’s Magnus NAI UTI)



Weight: 42

DOB: 3/15/16

Coat: liver roan, medium harsh/medium dense 

Bite and eyes: normal 

Hips: OFA Good 

Thyroid: OFA normal 

Furnishings: Ff

Von Willebrand’s: Clear

Exercise Induced Collapse: Clear

Co-owned with Chris Jensen in Klamath Falls, Oregon 


Thya is a whole lot of dog in a very small package. She came from an extremely successful litter, not only did she receive a 112/112 Natural Ability prize I, but the other four litter-mates that were tested all received 112 prize I. During her Natural Ability test she was running massive and certainly the biggest running successful NA dog I have personally seen. Thya and all her litter-mates love children, other dogs and live in family homes. Like her dam CC, she loves chasing waterfowl and has no trouble getting large ducks and geese back to the blind. Thya has retrieved nearly every species of waterfowl and as many as 100 geese in a day she is an absolute monster in the marsh. We think it is very possible that she has retrieved more waterfowl than any other wirehair currently alive. I took Thya on a very successful trip to Montana and Washington to hunt her on wild huns, chukar and pheasants and she performed very well. She is a big running dog with a huge motor. I will always remember her first chukar hunt on her very first big hill she pinned one of the largest coveys I have ever seen. 


Thya comes from a line of excellent German registered dogs' genetics and American lines from Idaho, Utah and Oregon to create some incredibly talented, driven and highly trainable dogs.

NAVHDA Breeder Awards
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