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Salty Pete V Rahnhaus



About Pete: Still under construction

Pete came from Rocky Gilliards Rahnhaus line of field trial dogs. 

Pete was owned by several people before ending up in the capable hands of  Jeff Funke of  Three Devils Kennels. In 2020 I interviewed him about Pete. Here are a few notes:

No frozen semen. Jeff tried to get some but the vet told him it wasn't any good....then years later another vet looked at it and said it would be fine anyhow there is none unfortunately. 

Like two of his sons that I know of Pete had a unique way of hunting upland birds he often would go off on point and if the owner didnt show up he would leave point go back and find owner and bring owner back to the birds sorta like the old show Lassie saving timmy who fell in the well !. 

Jeff said he wished he was able to breed pete to the females he has now as Pete did have a little "trash" or unknown dogs in his pedigree and paired with the wrong female he occasionally so some dogs with mental stability and shyness issues. 

We bred to Pete and so did many folks in the 1990s and early 2000s Pete was a very prepotent stud. You can see his Navhda breeding records in the link below I am sure he did many other non-navhda breedings. Pete and many of his offspring not only lived but hunted into their mid teens pete died at 16 or 17 I believe. 

My Pete son Beta was one of my favorite dogs of all time. We are currently trying to get back to some frozen semen that is either sired by or grandsired by salty pete. 


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