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Bachman Bay Beta


In Loving Memory 

Bachman Bay Beta

(Q's Besser V Grossklaus NAI UTII X Salty Pete V Rahnhaus NAI UTI)



Weight: 58


Coat: liver roan and ticked

medium harsh/medium dense

Bite and eyes: normal

I picked out Beta from our B litter while I was in High school and he got me through my undergrad degree we hunted in Utah, Idaho and California with him. He was a powerful natural retriever and did some retrieves on sea ducks and brant on the humboldt coast that were pretty unbelievable. I would say it is likeley that he was the only wirehair to ever retrieve a legally shot King eider in California. Beta was the best mountain quail dog I have ever hunted over he seemed to be able to track them and pin them in places other dogs would let them run out of. He was a heck of a beer party dog and helped me survive turning 21 and growing up. 

I didnt have the time to finish him for Utility and for that reason we never bred him. I would give anything to have had the foresight to have saved frozen semen from him. 

Beta's sire Salty Pete was a very prepotent stud who produced some fantastic dogs. His mother Bess was a monster in the upland fields and Dad thought she had the best nose of any dog he ever owned. 


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