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(H Litter)

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Dam “Blue” 

Bachman Bay’s Bluebill Banger

(Blue collar Cheyenne NAI UTII X Bone point’s Magnus NAI UTI)

NAVHDA NA 112/I @ 5 mo.

NAVHDA UT 194/II @ 17 mo.


Weight: 43

DOB: 3/15/16

Coat: liver roan, medium harsh/medium dense 

Bite and eyes: normal 

Hips: pennHIP  rt. 0.26 lf. 0.29

Thyroid: OFA normal 

Furnishings: Ff

Von Willebrand’s: Clear

Exercise Induced Collapse: Clear


Blue is the one of the best natural upland dogs I have ever had the joy of hunting over. She is very fast and we often refer to her as “lungs with legs”. Like her sire, she has been very easy to train and willing to please. She passed her Natural Ability test at 5 months and we were shooting pointed birds over her the next week in Montana. She did as well or better tracking and pinning down roosters on her first season as our veteran dogs. She came from an extremely successful litter, not only did she receive a 112/112 Natural Ability prize I, but the other four litter-mates that were tested all received 112 prize I. Blue and all her litter-mates love children, other dogs and live in family homes. At 17 months, Blue received a 194 prize II in her Utility Test only missing a prize one due to receiving a “3” in pointing due to high bird drive at that age. She easily received a “4” in the duck search and loves tearing through the heavy marsh in search of ducks! She has a very soft mouth and I was able to use the same live duck for several months of training. Like her dam, she loves chasing waterfowl and has no trouble getting large ducks and geese back to the blind. Blues pointing intensity and honesty has been incredible. At less than 2 years of age she consistently waited for 5 or 10 minutes on point before we could get to her to flush the covey. She seems to have a knack for paralyzing birds that are running out from other dogs. Blue has absolutely crushed the upland game pinning every western species open to hunting including difficult to pin blue grouse, sage grouse and mountain quail. Blue’s last litter produced 7 exceptional puppies, they had an average Natural Ability test score of 110/112 points and two of the pups placed in the GWPCA’s National derby (2nd and 3rd place finishes).


Blue comes from a line of excellent German registered dogs' genetics and American lines from Idaho, Utah and Oregon to create some incredibly talented, driven and highly trainable dogs. Many great wirehair breeders worked for decades to produce this line of dogs. These puppies are direct decedents of the top producing versatile stud wirehairs in the United States including Bone Point’s Magnus, Lager V Den Drei Teufeln and Salty Pete V Rahnhaus. This line of puppies is was specifically line bred back to genetics from two NAVHDA Versatile Champions VC Black Canyon Gin and VC Heidlwolf Benelli.


Stud “JETT”

Bone Point's Quicksilver

(Blue Collar Bron NAI, UTI X Bone Point's Dark Star NAII UTI) 


VHDF AHAE: 157 pts

HEIGHT:  24.5"

WEIGHT:  57 lbs

DOB: 4/27/2013

COAT:  medium length, black ticked, medium dense/ medium harsh

BITE & EYES:  normal

HIPS:  OFA Excellent


Info about Jett from Bone Point Kennels

Jett is a very nice young male that we have high expectations for in our breeding program. He is owned by Larry Bennett in La Grande, OR. We have hunted over Jett a number times the past few years and have also trained with him. I hunted over Jett for the first time in 2013 when he was 7 months old, which happened to be one of our worst bird years on record. This was a year when most hunters weren't finding any birds over veteran dogs, yet Jett was producing coveys of chukars and huns for the gun every time out. He was just a natural born bird dog that was always on birds and he knew how to handle them. I hunted over Jett again in 2014 when he was 1-1/2 years old and it was the same story - Jett producing more bird than the older dogs. One of the only other dogs I have ever seen to be this talented of a bird dog at such an early age was Jett's dam, Frida. Obviously, it is a family trait.

Jett's owner primarily hunts upland with him, but Jett enjoys retrieving the occasional duck. I have seen enough of Jett that I know has all of the tools to make an incredible waterfowl dog if given the opportunity. I have done duck search training work with Jett and his water drive is outstanding, as is his natural duck search. Larry often takes Jett with him fishing on the boat and Jett will jump in and take off swimming several hundred yards away, staying in the water for an hour, simply because he loves swimming and looking for ducks. He is a high drive dog on land and water.

Jett is a medium sized dog that is very athletic. He has excellent conformation and has a medium length black coat. His nose is superb and his bird finding and bird handling abilities are second to none. He has excellent style and intensity on point. Jett has a nice friendly temperament. Jett scored a 110/I in the NAVHDA natural ability test and 154 in the VHDF Advanced Hunting Aptitude test where he scored maximum 10s in Field Search, Pointing, Search Behind the Duck, Nose, and Steadiness & Manners. He is a very nice all-around versatile hunting dog on land and water, and before and after the shot. You will simply not find a better natural wild bird dog than Jett. His bird finding and handling skills are elite.

7 puppies were whelped April 29th 2018. 

Pups scored an average of 110/112 Natural ability scores of the 6 males and one female that were tested

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