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Some history on some of our litters from the past. Check out the links above for progeny reports  with associated NAVHDA Scores for our first 6 litters. 

A litter

Q's Besser V Grossklaus X VC Three Devils Chukar

This Litter produced our first VC and Bachman Bay Adel "Pink" one of our best producing females

VC Bachman Bay Anja was our first VC owned and handled by Michael Bowman

B Litter

Q's Besser V Grossklaus X Salty Pete V Rahnhaus

This litter produced my beloved Bachman Bay Beta. Beta was an incredible waterfowl dog and I wish I could go back in time and tell myself to collect some frozen sperm! 

C Litter

Bachman Bay Adel X Salty Pete V Rahnhaus

This breeding produced Bachman Bay Concertina "Mocha" a very productive dog that lived to and old age chasing chukar in Nevada. 

D Litter 

Bachman Bay Adel X Salty Pete V Rahnhaus

Repeat breeding. Dad got his favorite dog of all time out of this Bachman Bay Dillon. Both Dillon and his brother Drako went to the NAVHDA invitational. Dylan just missed passing and in a real heart breaking situation was killed in a car accident on the way to the invitational. 

E Litter

Bachman Bay Adel X Black Canyon Gabe

This litter produced some nice dogs including Elrock 

F litter

Bachman Bay Adel X Black Canyon Gabe

This litter produced Dads last dog Bachman Bay Flynn. 

After our F litter Pink died of bloat and we only had four males until I was able to get a female out of Black Canyon Gin who was Gabes sister. We tried to breed that dog to Flynn two times but never had any luck and that part of our line was lost. 

Dad did at least a dozen breedings with Dylan and Gabe to some nice local hunting dog females in Idaho and Utah. 

pete2 (2).jpg
Dad with Bess and Gideon on a september
Beta brant hunt with scull boat circa 20
Bess with mixed bag.png
jans pup.jpg
Bess with opening day hunt at ogden bay.
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