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CC X Max

(G Litter)

biofotos 388.jpg

Dam “CC”

Blue Collar Cheyenne

(NASTRA CH VC Black Canyon Gin NAI UTII X VC Heidlwolf Benelli NAII UTI)

NAVHDA NA 112/I @ 5 mo.

NAVHDA UT 176/II @ 24 mo.


Weight: 43

DOB: 4/16/2008

Coat: liver roan, medium harsh/medium dense

Bite and eyes: normal

Hips: OFA good

Thyroid: OFA normal

Furnishings: Ff

CC was always a great pheasant and quail dog and a decent chukar dog she was a consistent upland dog you could count on her to find and hold her share of the birds. You could also count on her to be a little selfish and bust a couple. She had a ton of independence in her search but always stayed out front. CC was one of the best snipe dogs I have hunted over she was very cautious with them and could consistently pin them down even in low cover. We used CC for over 50 youth and women's hunts introducing 100s of new hunters to the sport.

CC was the  most phenomenal waterfowl dog I have ever owned. I had her at a time when we were hunting waterfowl 4 days a week starting with the September early goose season and ending on March 10th with the late snow and speck season. From her second season to her 6th we never lost a bird it was an absolutely incredible streak.  If we even saw the vaguest direction a bird winged down in an send her out that way she came back with it and frequently picked up half a dozen cripples we didn't shoot on every hunt. I remember the day we broke her streak she came back dumbfounded. During her tenure CC retrieved nearly every western species of waterfowl including sea ducks, pacific brant, Tundra swans, Aleutian cackling geese, white fronted geese, snow geese, ross geese, western Canada geese, sandhill cranes and all the standard puddler and diving ducks.

Very high Prey drive struggled with steadiness off and on for several years. CC was a very quick dog and frequently caught wild birds in the air which did not help with steadiness. I know she was a prize one Utility dog I was just to focused on hunting to stop and spend the time training she needed. We also used CC as a tracking dog for pigs and deer she had a special place in her heart for hunting down wounded pigs. CC had a very soft mouth and I was able to use the same live duck for several months of training.

CC comes from a line of excellent German registered dogs' genetics and American lines from Idaho, Utah and Oregon to create some incredibly talented, driven and highly trainable dogs. Many great wirehair breeders worked for decades to produce this line of dogs. These puppies are direct decedents of the top producing versatile stud wirehairs in the United States including Bone Point’s Magnus, Lager V Den Drei Teufeln and Salty Pete V Rahnhaus.

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Stud “Max”

Bone Point's Magnus

(Lager V. den drei Teufeln VJP 66, HAE 71, AHAE 174  X McNalley's Super Ali NAI UTI)




Height: 24

Weight: 58

DOB: 2/3/2012

Coat: liver roan, medium harsh/dense

Bite and eyes: normal

Hips: Pennhip R. 25 L. 29

Thyroid: OFA normal

Max is owned and trained by Brett Wood of Logan, Utah.

Information about Max from Bone Point's Kennel:

Max is one of the most talented dogs that we have produced. His desire for game on land and water is unparalleled. Max combines the best of his very talented parents, Luke (Lager v den drei Teufeln) and Allie (McNally's Super Allie). He is a turbo-charged field dog with breathtaking style and intensity, and he is a water-pounding duck demon in the duck blind. Max was hammering the water to retrieve ducks in 10F icy weather when he was 8 months old.

Max ran the VHDF advanced hunting aptitude evaluation (AHAE) at the very young age of 15 months old. He had hunted ducks the winter before and had only seen one live duck in training before the test. As a testament to Max's innate water desire, his AHAE duck search ended at 20 minutes with Max over 200 yards away buried in a cattail marsh. He received maximum scores of  '10' in Field Search, Nose, Blind Water Entry and Search Behind the Duck. He received an impressive '11' in overall Desire, which includes an extra point for showing a remarkable level of desire throughout the test. Max also earned a maximum '4' in the NAVHDA utility duck search at 19 months of age. He performed prize I level work in all areas of the utility test except Steadiness in the Field, which is impressive for such a young age. At 28 months old Max ran in his second utility test and scored a maximum 204/I. At a very early age on land and water, Max continues to prove that he just no quit in him.

Similar to his dam, Allie, and littermate Harley, Max actually has a very calm disposition and is a gentleman around the house.

To date, Max has sired several great personal hunting dogs and high-scoring NAVHDA dogs. To date, he has sired (1) VC, (6) UT prize I dogs, and (5) UT prize II dogs.

9 puppies were whelped 3/15/16

CC’s last litter produced 9 exceptional puppies, Of the five that were tested they had an average Natural Ability test score of 112/112. One pup received a UT 194 PII.

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