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(T Litter)

Whelped 4/20 5F/3M





Dam “Blue” 

Bachman Bay’s Bluebill Banger

(Blue collar Cheyenne NAI UTII X Bone point’s Magnus NAI UTI)

NAVHDA NA 112/I @ 5 mo.

NAVHDA UT 194/II @ 17 mo.


Weight: 43

DOB: 3/15/16

Coat: liver roan, medium harsh/medium dense 

Bite and eyes: normal 

Hips: pennHIP  rt. 0.26 lf. 0.29

Thyroid: OFA normal 

Furnishings: Ff

Von Willebrand’s: Clear

Exercise Induced Collapse: Clear


Blue is the one of the best natural upland dogs I have ever had the joy of hunting over. She is very fast and we often refer to her as “lungs with legs”. Like her sire, she has been very easy to train and willing to please. She passed her Natural Ability test at 5 months and we were shooting pointed birds over her the next week in Montana. She did as well or better tracking and pinning down roosters on her first season as our veteran dogs. She came from an extremely successful litter, not only did she receive a 112/112 Natural Ability prize I, but the other four litter-mates that were tested all received 112 prize I. Blue and all her litter-mates love children, other dogs and live in family homes. At 17 months, Blue received a 194 prize II in her Utility Test only missing a prize one due to receiving a “3” in pointing due to high bird drive at that age. She easily received a “4” in the duck search and loves tearing through the heavy marsh in search of ducks! She has a very soft mouth and I was able to use the same live duck for several months of training. Like her dam, she loves chasing waterfowl and has no trouble getting large ducks and geese back to the blind. Blues pointing intensity and honesty has been incredible. At less than 2 years of age she consistently waited for 5 or 10 minutes on point before we could get to her to flush the covey. She seems to have a knack for paralyzing birds that are running out from other dogs. Blue has absolutely crushed the upland game pinning every western species open to hunting including difficult to pin blue grouse, sage grouse and mountain quail. We consider her a "Blue Hen" she is very prepotent even producing pups better than herself.  Blue’s litters have produced nineteen exceptional puppies, they had an average Natural Ability test score of 109.8/112 points and four of her pups have placed in the German Wirehair Pointer Club of America's National Horseback derby Field Trial (2nd ,3rd place finishes in 2019, 4th place in 2021 and 4th place in 2022). One of her puppies placed first in the GWPCA Puppy Classic in 2022. 


Blue comes from a line of excellent German registered dogs' genetics and American lines from Idaho, Utah and Oregon to create some incredibly talented, driven and highly trainable dogs. Many great wirehair breeders worked for decades to produce this line of dogs. These puppies are direct decedents of the top producing versatile stud wirehairs in the United States including Bone Point’s Magnus, Lager V Den Drei Teufeln and Salty Pete V Rahnhaus. 


Stud “COLT”

NAFC Maslach Wiredwest Peacemaker

(NFC FC AFC Wiredwest True Grit NAI UTI x Weidenhugel T Nikki V Parker

Height: 25

Weight: 65

DOB: 6/10/2018

Coat: Liver Roan, Medium Dense/Medium Harsh

Bite and eyes: normal 

Hips: OFA excellent

Elbows: OFA normal

Thyroid: OFA normal 

CHIC # 168596

Furnishings: TBD

Owned by Matt and Nicole Solt of Utah. 

Our family has known Matt and Nicole owners of Wiredwest Kennels for a long time. They have had some excellent NAVHDA and field trial wirehairs and shorthairs. We had a great litter a few years ago, with one of the Solt's other dogs Duke who is Colt's Sire. 

Colt is a big running chukar dog that also loves to hit the marshes of the great salt lake hunting waterfowl. We Fell in love with Colt when we watched Colt run in the Wirehair nationals derby in 2019 and watched him win the Wirehair National Amateur Field Champion ship and be runner up in the National Field Championship in 2022. He has sixteen field trial placements and is very close to completing his FC and AFC. He is a very talented dog and a half brother to our dog Sileaux that we love so much. Colt has sired several litters and his son Max took 2nd in the Wirehair National Puppy Classic in 2022. 

Colt's sire, grandsire and great grand sire are all national champions. Colt comes from a line of excellent Western American lines to create some incredibly talented, driven and highly trainable dogs. Many great wirehair breeders worked for decades to produce this line of dogs. 




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