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(V Litter)

 Due April 2024




Dam “Hattie” 

Bachman Bay Harriett Hunrunner

(Bachman Bay’s Bluebill Banger NA 112/I UT 194/II X Bone Point’s Quicksilver NA 110/I, AHAE 157 )




AKC Field Trial Career Stats

Three Rivers Bird Dog Club of Washington -2nd place Open Puppy

German Wirehaired Pointer Club of America – 2nd Place Open Derby

German Wirehaired Pointer Club of America – 4th Ranked Derby Dog 2019


Weight: 45

DOB: 4/29/18

Coat: liver roan, medium harsh/medium dense 

Bite and eyes: normal 

Hips: PennHip: Rt. 24 Lf .27 

Thyroid: OFA Normal

Furnishings: Ff

Von Willebrand’s: Clear

Exercise Induced Collapse: Clear


Hattie is a very fast long legged dog with an insatiable appetite for retrieving. She has more retrieve drive than any wirehair we have owned. Like her dam she is a very loving and friendly dog. She has a fantastic western bird dog coat, not too much coat and just enough beard you know she is a wirehair. She has a lovely high tailed point and a ton of intensity. Hattie’s biggest asset is her nose, ever since the first time we put her on a bird she went to it like there was a bungee cord attached to her nose. She points from long distances but knows exactly where the bird is. Hattie really struggled her first season busting birds, However we feel after seeing her learning to handle birds in her second hunting season she may be one of the best hunting dogs we have bred to date. If you put her on the ground in any habitat she will find birds even when the other dogs are struggling. Hattie came from an exceptional litter. Her litter was specifically line bred back to genetics from VC Black Canyon Gin and VC Heidlwolf Benelli on two sides of the pedigree. All of the seven pups in her litter were tested in the NAVHDA natural ability test and they scored a combined average of 110 out of a possible 112, which is a fantastic show of her good genetics. Hattie’s Dam Blue came from a litter that all five of the puppies tested in Natural Ability received 112 prize one maximum Natural Ability test scores.


Hattie's 2021 litter produced some promising pups and we have been receiving great reports of her pups abilities on wild birds. One of her pups scored a Natural Ability Prize one 112 at only 4 months old. 

Hattie easily completed her Utility test with a score of 198/204 Prize one at just over 2 years old. 


Stud “Keeper”

Bachman Bay Jeepers Keepers

(Bachman Bay's Aythya NAI X Backwoods Flim Flam )



AKC Field trials

Seattle GWP club Open Derby 1st place (2 points)

Willamette Weimaraner Club AW Puppy 1st Place (2 points)


Weight: 56

DOB: 5/21/20

Coat: Liver Roan Ticked, Medium Dense/Medium Harsh

Bite and eyes: normal 

Hips: OFA Good

Elbows: OFA Normal

Thyroid: OFA Normal

Furnishings: Ff

Von Willebrand’s: Clear

Exercise Induced Collapse: Clear



Owned by Bert and Rehbeccah Burkhart in Washington/Oregon/Alaska. 

Keeper is a tight coated dog that is a smaller framed male. Keeper is an exceptional bird dog with a lot of natural raw talent finding birds. He is a powerful retriever and loves the water. He has a very stylish point and is a natural wild bird finder. 

He has been very successful on waterfowl in the marshes of Washington and Oregon and in the hills chasing chuckar, huns and grouse.

He comes from a nice mix of field trial dogs from Backwoods Kennels

and some versatile lines from Bone Point and Blue collar Kennels. His sire Conn was an impressive chukar and horseback field trial dog. His mother Thya is a waterfowl hunting machine and likely retrieved more waterfowl than any other wirehair currently alive. 

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