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Mandy's Rat Hunts

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Meet your guide! 

Mandy Gilmour is a lifelong farmer and rancher from Albany, OR. She has been ranching, farming and hunting in Harney County Oregon for over twenty years. She is one of the owners of Gilmour farms where she farms, mint, alfalfa, wheat and cattle ranching.  Mandy loves exploring dusty roads, finding new hotsprings and adventuring with her German Wirehaired Pointer Moose! Mandy is a bird hunting guide for Bachman Bay Outdoors during the fall bird season. 

Mandy is a licensed, bonded and insured hunting guide.

Oregon Guide number 3349

Contact Mandy 541-947-0823


Beldings ground squirrels 

The hunts take place ~40 miles from Burns Oregon near Princeton Or

Possible housing available. 

 Crystal Crane hotsprings nearby 15 miles away 


Beldings ground squirrels "Sage Rats" are the main quarry 


Also potential options for hunting other varmits

Coyotes, Badgers and Marmots

We dont shoot weasels 

Mid March through the end of May.

All Day Shoots

Half Day Shoots

Fully Guided hunts

Whats included? 



House on wheels?

All hunts are 2 person minimum?

Price 150 half day unguided 

All Day fully guided 250 

Veterans 10% discount 

Youth hunters free with adult. 

50% Non-refundable deposit required at booking. 

How much ammo do you need

bring? between 200-1000 rounds per day (No full metal Jacket ammo please!

Dress in layers it can be very cold and windy. We do not give refunds for bad weather. We cant control the weather this is hunting

Licenses are not required for squirrel hunting. 

You will be required to sign a release of liability waiver. 

What caliber gun do you need? 17 HMR is the gun of choice folks however some shooters prefer 22 mag and we can accommodate centerfire options  such as 223/22-250 etc. 

he hunts take place ~40 miles from Burns Oregon near Princeton Or 


Contact Dominic @ or 530-708-2141. 

Under standing the beldings ground squirrel! 

We have a limited number of 22 and 17 hmr for rent fo $50 per day. 

Why do it? fun target shooting practice for big game bring your friends

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