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(R Litter)

6 males 3 females born 1/6/23





We are very excited about this pairing although the dam and sire of this breeding are not particularly famous or well known (YET!) the pedigree behind this breeding has an incredible amount of the best known and best producing wirehairs in the west. 

The following are a few highlights from this litters pedigree. Dual shot kennels top producing dog Dual shot behind bars “Sarge” Wildwings shameless “Gus” Top field trial Wirehair producer of all time and foundation for wireswest kennels. A top producer for Sure Shot Kennels Sure Shot's Slick Nick is on both top and bottom of Modoc's pedigree. Top dog of Flintlock kennnels Flintlocks Hawkeye.Foundation dog for Tumalo kennels and Top producer for Von Duffins kennels Rudolf's Blitzen Von Duffin "Blitz". Bone points top producing bitch Bone points Kadence “Ziva” .Schmieding kennels top dog. VC three devils o Duke of Schmieding farm “Duke” .Top three devils dog and top producing versatile Wirehair of all time Lager v den drei Teulfeln “Luke” ( 3x in pedigree) Three devils top producing bitch Three devils rising smoke “Smokey” Foundation dog for backwoods kennel Backwoods flexible flyer "Archie” Foundation dog for cascade kennels Cascade Rogue. Foundation dog Windwalker kennels and Ruby rocks kennels. Fogarty windwalker's ace "Doc".

On top of all those dogs there are four national field trial champions in this litter's pedigree. 


Dam “MODOC” 

( Ninepipes Aus Dem Himmel NA I  X  AFC DC Dual shot's Behind Bars NA I UT III)



Weight: 46

DOB: 7/30/2020

Coat: liver roan, medium harsh/medium dense 

Bite and eyes: normal 

Hips: pennHIP  rt. 0.34 lf. 0.25

Thyroid: OFA Normal

Furnishings: Ff

Von Willebrand’s: Clear

Exercise Induced Collapse: Clear


Modoc is Co-owned with Doug and Lilo Barofsky of Sisters, Oregon. Modoc has shown a lot of potential as a bird dog and a waterfowl dog. She received a score of  110/112 in her NAVHDA Natural Ability test at 10 months old. We are very excited to see how she breaks out. She did fantastic on chukars and prairie birds this fall. Like her sire "Sarge" She has a lot of drive and run. Sarge was a Dual Champion, Amateur Field Champion and got a Utility Prize. Sarge has many other titles and has produced a ton of  very nice pups that have done well in field trials and in NAVHDA. Modoc's dam "Piper" came out of Rocky Gilleard's Rahnhaus Kennel and goes back to the very successful Three Devils stud “Luke” Lager Den Drei Teufeln crossed with a gritty field trial bred female that lines back to Flintlock and Sure shot lines. Modoc is a naturally cooperative dog that has a lot of natural point and loves to retrieve on land and in the water. 


Stud "Covey”

Three Devils Drifting Covey

(Bone Point's Boz NA 105/II HAE 70 UT 160 III  X  Three Devils Oak Creek Rising HAE 62 CSE 62)

VHDF Titles

HAE 63

AHAE 173


Weight: 68

DOB: 7/8/2019

Coat: liver ticked, medium harsh/dense

Bite and eyes: normal

Hips: PennHIP L 0.21 R 0.25

Thyroid: OFA Normal

Furnishings: FF

Covey is owned by Jeff Funke of Three Devils Kennels. Covey has the nice hair and bone structure we are looking to add to our lines. Covey has had one very nice litter and is dominant for furnishings. Covey is primarily used on chukar and has been a top producer on the three devils dog string this past month in hells canyon.  

Covey is a mellow dog with a strong off switch. Covey loves the water and busting through cattails to find a duck. 

Covey's sires "Boomer" a powerful black stud from Bone point kennels goes back to the Blue Collar line that BBK has had so much luck with in the past stemming from high drive and high cooperation from the "Gin X Benelli" breeding. Covey's Dams side goes back to the majority of three devil's best producing and most consistent dogs.

This is what Jeff Funke owner of three Devils Kennels had to say about Covey:
Covey has many great Three Devils dogs (including Luke and Flo Flo) in his pedigree as well as Bone Point and Blue Collar kennels.  This was Covey’s second Chukar season and wow did he turn up the power.  He was an unbelievable force this year stopping at nothing to find birds.  He is also a great waterfowl dog who loves to retrieve from land or water.  His AHAE test showed it as well, where he earned a 10/10 in Search Behind the Duck, a 10/10 in Marked Water Retrieve, and a 10/10 in Blind Water Entry.  Covey has an easygoing personality and gets along nicely with all people and dogs.  He is a delight to train as he is very biddable and cooperative; yet, is always excited to perform any task.  We are excited about Covey’s prospects for the future as we anticipate him to be an exceptional producer.




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